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Last revised April 2016

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Creation of illustrated charts, brochures, flyers, exhibition charts, posters, multimedia presentations on CD-ROM, CBT, corporate videos, advertising and sales material.
Training courses for the internal documentation department
tedoc® overcomes contradictions:
That which is boring is rendered interesting, complicated is turned into simple.
Illustrators, creative heads, commercial artists and editors work hand in hand. We produce an overall concept for a comprehensive product campaign in cooperation with you.

What tools does tedoc® use?
For the production of technical documentation, we use common DTP software.
The finished document is available as

  • Hard copy proof (black-and-white or colour)
  • File on different types of data carriers/internet file

Your advantage?
Our experience since 1974.
User-friendly documents - delivered on different types of media - facilitate the use of comprehensive products, make excellent work possible, increase your customers' satisfaction and decrease support fees.

tedoc's® expertise helps you to produce efficient, easy to understand and CE-compliant documents. Even if your company has its own technical documentation department, we may help you to decrease your expenses.